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Lessons from the Larkfield Garden




Owl Babies - Storytime with Nancy

Watch here. 

Leaf Man - Storytime with Nancy

Watch here.


Seasonal Tree Journal 

Do you have a tree near where you live? Garden Educator Kerri Rosen shares how to make a nature journal where you can document the changing seasons by observing and drawing a tree every few months! See how the leaves change, the branches grow, and see what animals use the tree for a habitat or for food!

Download the lesson here. 

Watch the YouTube lesson here. 

Seasonal Tree Collage

Now is a great time to gather leaves around your neighborhood and make a seasonal tree collage! Garden Educator Kerri Rosen will show you how.

Download the lesson here. 

Watch the Youtube lesson here.


Bird Watching

Download the lesson here.

Environmental Quality
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