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Lessons from the Larkfield Garden


Greetings from the Larkfield Community Garden. We miss seeing everyone more regularly. The garden continues to grow and change through the seasons. There is always something new to explore and interact with. 

We are still encouraging families and others to visit the Larkfield Community Garden and Woodlands. Since we have had to pause classes, we are now making our lessons from the garden available for any student to use at home. Each month we will highlight seasonal lessons that can be done remotely--whether at home or at a park nearby. We have kept each lesson fairly broad so it can be adapted for any student, K - 6. 


Please enjoy and let us know if you use the lessons! We would love to see the projects you create and hear your observations. 




Owl Babies - Storytime with Nancy

Watch here. 

Leaf Man - Storytime with Nancy

Watch here.


Seasonal Tree Journal 

Do you have a tree near where you live? Garden Educator Kerri Rosen shares how to make a nature journal where you can document the changing seasons by observing and drawing a tree every few months! See how the leaves change, the branches grow, and see what animals use the tree for a habitat or for food!

Download the lesson here. 

Watch the YouTube lesson here. 

Seasonal Tree Collage

Now is a great time to gather leaves around your neighborhood and make a seasonal tree collage! Garden Educator Kerri Rosen will show you how.

Download the lesson here. 

Watch the Youtube lesson here.


Bird Watching

Download the lesson here.

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