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Starting In 2020, we teamed up with Taproot Media to create the Post-Fire Land Regeneration Video Series. To date, we've created eight videos to educate Sonoma residents and landowners on impactful ways to ameliorate land that has been impacted by a fire. 

Each video has its own focus: 
Detailed instructions on how to assess hillside contour, when a wattle is appropriate versus another erosion medium, how to prep a trench and why you should excavate first, and how to maintain and troubleshoot the installation. The videos can be used alongside the resources on the Sonoma County Rain Ready resource page.

Additional Fire Recovery Information

We're here to help

With support from the Office of Recovery & Resiliency, we are providing land owners with free erosion control services from certified experts — please contact us if you would like assistance. 


Also, if you have debris removal, grading, or tree work happening, your contractor is legally responsible for these Best Management Practices

Sonoma County has been heavily impacted by wildfires and the corresponding implications to public health.


Community Soil Foundation is engaged in watershed protection efforts to prevent fire debris pollution from reaching local streams.

It Takes a Community

Community Soil Foundation relies on the partnership of other groups to create shared vision, create mutually beneficial value for everyone involved, and achieve our mission.


Below are the agencies, businesses, and community groups that have donated their money, products, and services to our organization.

Contact Us to explore a meaningful partnership with your group! 

Special thanks to the following groups
for providing critical financial support:

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Special thanks to the following groups
for providing essential in-kind support:

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